Historia BKB


The BKB-1

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I welcome this opportunity to talk to you about the BKB, my father's amazing little sailplane, the real story of which has been clouded for so long. If you have heard of the BKB, it's likely to have been in connection with words like tumbling, aerobatics, and unpredictability. Some of you, especially if you are young or new to the sport of gliding, may not have heard of it all. There is much to tell about the BKB, but I suspect I'll raise more questions than I'll answer.


I have a mission here today and that is primarily to correct some serious and prevalent misconceptions about who designed and built the BKB. But my mission has a second and very important part also, and that is to obtain more information about this very unique aircraft; how it performed in its later years, what caused it to crash, and could it really tumble? I'd like also to revive some interest in the BKB, especially academic and analytical.


But first it's important to tell you that this little sailplane was designed by my father, Stefan Brochocki, an aeronautical engineer at Canadair Ltd. Fred Bodek, also of Canadair, assisted in designing some of the controls. (Fred later worked for Boeing and was involved in designing the landing gear for the 747.) The BKB-1 was flown in Quebec and Ontario, Canada, long before it came to Seattle and well before Witold Kasper put his hand to the controls of it. Kasper, as you probably know, was well known in the Seattle area for his amazing stunt flying in the BKB in the 60's. He also claimed to be its designer and builder, and generated an enormous amount of publicity to that effect along with his Bekas and Kasper Wing based on the BKB.

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