Presentation to the MacDonald College


The pilots CG coincides now with that of the structure thus eliminating the need to retrim. All these steps nearly eliminate the need of the tail but, it's presence makes for safer testing.


A lot of effort was devoted to obtain and maintain elliptical loading throughout the flight by juggling the sweep angles, tapers and elevon deflections.


Overall effort seems to be justified by comparing the carefully calculated performances with those of the representative current sailplanes. The high L/D and high speed glides encourage us to continue the effort.




After 3 years of not necessarily every day, but persistent effort, we might say : "Habemus Papam". Our last configuration yields promising enough performance to warrant continuation of work.


We entered now the stage of detailed drawings and part stressing. Sizing the components made of composite materials is tricky in view of the uncertainties of the allowable stresses appropriate to various combinations. Testing of actual parts is strongly recommended in order to avoid possibly large errors.


The choice of structural solutions must be governed by the thought of practical manufacturing at the stage of the prototype and after.


The labour of love is nearly over, now next stage needs money, facilities, labour force, in a word: Sponsor.

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