Presentation to the MacDonald College




Now I shall read to you excerpt from a popular flying magazine sent to me by Fred Bodek. It should be read since it apparently opened a new era in the world of Aerodynamics. So claimed Ayatollah Kasper



From the distance, and after lapse of years, (Kasper must be close to 90 now, last seen somewhere in Portugal) there are some unanswered questions :


1. Why the American Authorities permitted unlimited aerobatics to be performed over the crowds of air shows in a machine not designed for it. Perhaps as a result, one Curtis McPhail, 2nd officer for Northwest Airlines and fighter pilot in the reserve was killed in the BKB in November 1971.


2. Why the US Patents are awarded apparently without the proper investigation of the invention's origins. All technical records were available then as they are now. Kasper was an enthusiastic partner and courageous pilot but his contribution to the original BKB design ideas was absolutely zero.


3. Why, in spite of the demonstrated unusual flight characteristics of the glider, was so little interest was raised? Perhaps because of Kasper's inherent modesty?


Yet, he deserves and has my respect for his energy, for gutsy and inquisitive flying. It lead to the discovery of the BKB's '2-phased stall' associated with a strong vortex occurring just above the wing. It also lead to the discovery of the unique capability to tumble controllably.


Both features are the unforeseen result of the effort at the design stage to avoid tip stall and tumbling. Without the benefit of any previous experience with the swept wings, these measures were overdone thus precipitating early root stall with the ability to maintain control at all stages of motion.