Historia BKB


It is clear that despite the fact that the BKB no longer exists, there is much left to unfold in its story. The record needs to be set straight. Stefan Brochocki, his family, and those who have worked with him over the years and lent their invaluable assistance in many ways don't agree with Kasper's claim;


"Only a stupid fellow tells the truth." (Seattle Times, Sunday, Oct. 7, 1971).


If only Kasper were still here to face it!



It's clear that a great deal of public information currently available concerning the BKN is erroneous, and what I seek to accomplish is the absolute and sole connection of Stefan Brochocki with the aerodynamic design of the aircraft ,and in conjunction with Bodek insome mechanical aspects, in print and in the minds of the interested public. It must also be similarly acknowledged that subsequent designs by Witold Kasper with aspects resembling those of the BKB were based on that original design and violated an agreement he had made with Stefan Brochocki. Fred Bodek's contribution to the production as a whole must also be recognized.


Patents have been taken out by Kasper on various details of the BKB design. These patents are now being investigated with a view to the origins of their subject matter.


I don't seek to discredit Mr. Kasper for any legitimate contributions he may have made towards the refinement of the BKB design or performance, and I acknowledge the inspired flying he has done to test and promote this experimental aircraft. The fact that he failed to credit his partners while heaping praise upon himself alone is repugnant and incomprehensible. In assigning credit for the work on the BKB, Brochocki always referred to it as a partnership. In his address to the McGill Aeronautics Department in 1961 he wrote: