Historia BKB


Speaking of the BKB-1 sailplane I am also speaking on behalf of my partners, Witold Kasprzyk and Fred Bodek, without whom this project would not have reached the flying stage." Let's restore Brochocki and Bodek to their deserved place in the story of the BKB.


The whole matter raises many questions, and it would be rewarding if there were parties interested enough to follow up. For example, I am unaware if Kasper's work was ever submitted for rigorous peer review. What I've seen in print generally appears to focus on Kasper's claims or those of public relations man, Horst Petzold. It's quite possible that there are performance analyses that my family has not seen. What we have been made aware of has generally been sent to us by concerned individuals who had happened upon one of Mr. Kasper's articles in some gliding magazine. I would welcome other resources, and I haven't yet had the time to access TWITT's library.


The BKB testing to ascertain its performance in relation to the original objectives of the designer was never fully completed, and it is regrettable that the rigorous testing it was to receive at Mississippi State University never came to pass. Consequently, there may have been design modifications still required but never attempted. After leaving Canada the BKB was commandeered for aerobatic uses. It became a stunt flyer, and it appears that its other capabilities, potential, or use as a tool in design research became of secondary importance to its role as a vehicle for publicity. This is not to say that the publicity was without merit, it just overshadowed the original objectives of the design.