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In Canada, in the 1950's, Stefan belonged to various gliding clubs, in particular the Montreal Soaring Association, which flew out of Hawkesbury, Ont. near the Quebec -Ontario border, just on the edge of the Laurentian Mountains. Stefan was disappointed by the lack of suitable aircraft to fly. Many of the gliders were old and in need of repair, and there were too few of them to fill the needs of the local gliding enthusiasts. It seemed that gliding in that area was not exactly on the cutting edge of the sport. With his ideas in mind of improving on the inspirational Horten, Stefan set out to design a new glider which would suit the needs of his club.


Stefan's new wing was designed with the following objectives: to fill a gap in Eastern Ontario soaring by providing a design that strayed from the traditional design, but which was inexpensive to build, easy to handle in flight, and easy to maintain. For a more aerodynamic explanation of the design objectives, I would refer you to Stefan's letter of Nov. 10, 1961, to Dr. J.J. Cornish at Mississippi State University. This and other documents are included in the material I will be leaving with TWITT for its library.


His design was met with enthusiasm at Canadair Ltd. where he was employed, and where he immediately attracted two volunteers in forming a partnership for the construction of the new craft - Fred Bodek, who worked in the design department, and Witold Kasprzyk, an inspector, working as a liaison between design and manufacturing. For Brochocki and Kasprzyk (later known as Kasper), it was a renewal of an old acquaintance, the latter having been Stefan's gliding instructor in Poland. In 1954 the partnership was formed, each member with his specific duties. Bodek and Kasprzyk were to finance the project, Stefan to provide design and drawings and create the type record, while Bodek was to provide some of the excellent illustrations and some design of the craft's technical features. All three were to be involved in the construction which started in 1955 in Kasprzyk's basement.

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