Historia BKB


Correspondence continued between Kasprzyk, now officially Kasper, and Stefan for several years. In 1960, from Kasper's letters, Stefan became aware that he was involved in another construction project and was planning to use the design and data of the BKB for as a basis for development. To protect his and Bodek's interests and the integrity of the design, Stefan drew up a document (A-1 in the collection of documents presented to TWITT) which prohibited Kasper from doing so. This important document, signed by Kasper, is in Stefan's possession. It became evident later, that Kasper completly ignored this agreement, and repeatedly violated its clauses.


Bodek, too, eventually moved to Seattle in 1960 to work at Boeing , and later worked in Barbados in charge of engineeing on a windmill project for the Brace Institute of McGill University. Left on his own to sustain the project, Stefan found himself overworked. His weekends were spent at the Pendleton Gliding Club, 90 miles away, his evenings working on drawings and modifications. The absences were taking a toll on his family. They had just purchased a new home, requiring landscaping and all the work that a new home entails. For financial reasons, insurance for him to continue test flying was out of the question. Without the financial backing and assistance of his partners, Stefan's resources of time, money, and energy were exhausted, and he had to make a decision about the future of his glider.


Kasper had been badgering him for years for news of the testing; Stefan was weary of his demands and decided that he would let the glider move to Seattle for further testing and the continued tuning that had been suggested in the test flight reports. In 1964, the Canadian registration was canceled and ownership was transferred to Kasper. It was a difficult decision, and one that was received with mixed feelings by his family. It was also a decision Stefan would come to regret in several ways. On the brighter side, he knew the BKB would not sit idle and development and testing hopefully would continue.

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