Historia BKB


In 1960, Stefan was invited by Bev Shenstone, engineer with BEA London and British flying guru, to present a paper on the BKB to the 8th OSTIV Congress in Cologne, Germany. The paper, entitled A New Tailless Sailplane was presented by Bev in Stefan's stead in June of 1960. It was subsequently published in Swiss Aero Revue. Bev Shenstone was one of the most enthusiastic promoters of Stefan's work and arranged in 1959 for the inclusion of his design in Jayne's and The World's Sailplanes, Vol.2.


It is worth noting that at the same OSTIV Congress in 1960, Dezsö Györgyfalvy, of the Aerophysics Dept. of Mississippi State University, presented a paper entitled Performance Analysis of the Horten IV Flying Wing. Stefan felt vindicated by this critique of the Horten, for it cited many of the flaws that he had set out to overcome when he designed the BKB-1.


During these years, Stefan Brochocki received requests from all over the globe for information on the BKB. It had been well received internationally. Stefan's reputation as an aircraft designer grew with it. Requests were received for his advice on other aircraft design projects as well. In 1961, Professor Barry Neumann of McGill University asked Stefan to present at a Fluid Motion Seminar in the Dept. of Aeronautical Engineering at McGill. With pilot and friend, George Adams, he presented Introduction to a Canadian Sailplane.


Also in 1961, Professor Neumann became the liaison between Stefan's group and Dr. J.J.Cornish to test the craft at Mississippi State University, where work had been done to test the Horten. MSU had wind tunnel testing capabilities not available in Canada, and the prospects were quite exciting. After a great deal of information sharing and correspondence, the effort had to be dropped because of logistics problems, distance and cost being some. (Please see the correspondence sections of the document binder.)