Historia BKB


In 1997, Bob Gairns of the Montreal Soaring Council wrote Stefan to notify him that Soaring (July 1997) had again published information describing Kasper as the designer of the BKB. Bob had contacted Soaring and furnished them with documents (1955 article in Free Flight by Stefan Brochocki) to refute this. He, too, never received an acknowledgment or thanks. (Bob Gairns passed away, tragically, last year at the age of 80, when the glider he was flying crashed.).


Kasper did indeed introduce other designs; his well-publicized Bekas and Kasper Wing. The Bekas was essentially the BKB. Kasper had attempted to increase its performance by increasing the wing span. By doing so, he ran into some difficulty because this further decreased the already low aspect ratio, causing instability. The wing became more elastic and lost its aero-isoclinic properties. As Stefan describes this situation, it became a case of the airplane flying the pilot. Kasper called it dynamic soaring. (Since this presentation I was able to locate a set of Kasper's plans for the Bekas and BKB-1a, included together on the same paper. I laid one of Stefan's original drawings of the BKB-1 wing over the top of Kasper's drawing of the same feature: they matched perfectly. Except for some gussets and modifications to the wing-tip rudders, it was essentially the same drawing with some details removed and some added. The extra length for the Bekas wing was not there in the drawing.).


All of these aircraft were developed from concepts initiated and tested on the BKB-1, violating design rights of the originator and contradicting Kasper's signed agreement with Stefan Brochocki. Over the years numerous articles continued to appear linking Kasper, and Kasper alone to the BKB-1. Present endeavours to set the record straight were initiated in 1994 by myself, and have, until the past year with the help of the Internet, proven difficult. Many individuals and organizations are now showing an interest in the real BKB story.